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At X-treme Geek:

Wi-Fi T-shirt

Wi-Fi T-shirt

The Wi-Fi detecting shirt actually detects 802.11b/g Wi-Fi signals and graphically displays the signal strength in lighted bars! Now you’ll always know the best place to sit in your Wi-Fi-enabled coffeehouse.

This is true geek cred.  I hear they’re working on a “Nerd-Loving Hottie” detection T-shirt.


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  1. Nifty idea!

    I hope the shirt quality is better than the ones from ThinkGeek. My wife and I bought the ‘8 bit Valentine’ T with a line of 8 bit style hearts that light up with the two shirts come into close proximity with each other.

    Unfortunately, the reliability of these has been just awful. We barely got them to work once, and have given up in frustration several times since. The wires connecting light panel to battery are very loose so the whole thing can sputter and die with no notice, and sometimes it’s even hard to get them to start working to begin with once you have the shirt on.

    I’d rather pay a bit more and have something that works.

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